the science of influencing others

The Science of Influencing Others

How do I inspire others? How do I get people to buy-in into my idea?  These are questions that almost everyone asks themselves when planning to announce a new idea or initiative, or embark on a new project or transformation. Have you ever wondered why some people gather... read more →
navigating change with a growth mindset

Navigating Change With a Growth Mindset

Navigating through change successfully can mean the difference between survival and extinction. In today’s current situation organisations need to learn how to navigate through change and fail fast and learn from it. Some ideas that can come to mind when hearing the concept of change are upgrading technologies and systems,... read more →
daily management by visualisation

Daily Management by Visualisation

This concept capitalises on visual ability; where by making things viewable they become understandable, and therefore enforceable in the workplace. The purpose of visualisation is to distinguish good conditions from bad conditions, and to move quickly into action. Visualisation also helps create a workplace environment where new employees can also understand... read more →
toyota forces of expansion

Toyota Forces of Expansion

Kaizen at Toyota develops a mental framework for individuals. Kaizen leadership raises employee’s problem awareness, as they identify where the system falls short of perfection, and constantly seek solving problems, or improving the process every day (Ballé, 2006; Spear, 1999). When carrying out kaizen activities the focus should not be... read more →
4 rules of toyota production system tps

4 Rules of Toyota Production System ‘TPS’

Spear and Bowen (1999) explain how TPS creates a community of scientists as the system enables establishing sets of hypotheses when defining specifications and then testing them. The system drives people at all levels (shop floor workers, team leaders, managers, etc) to get involved in experiments that are recognised as... read more →
8 common mistakes implementing lean

8 Common Mistakes Implementing Lean

Mistake 1: No Vision & No Strategy The starting point for any initiative must be a clear vision of what we want to achieve and where we want to be in the future. Organisations that lack a clear vision will not be able to set goals... read more →
how to generate more Kaizen ideas v veer

How to Generate More Kaizen Ideas

Have you ever thought about What triggers ideas, or  "Why do we seek change?".  This article will help increase generating kaizen ideas for leaders. The need for change and triggering ideas are happening because of 2 simple reasons.  The first reason is  the brain identifies a problem so it triggers the need for change to... read more →
kaizen culture leadership and management system

Kaizen Culture: Leadership & Management System

When establishing a kaizen culture, it is essential that top management provide their employees with the initiatives behind it and why it is required. Management must also provide employees with the resources they need. Examples of the resources can be time, material, tools, training, support, and/or coaching. A team leader’s... read more →