Coaching For Success

This two day programme is designed to develop your skills and understanding of coaching and developing subordinate’s skills. It will illustrate different modules / methods for coaching. The principles and structure of conducting effective discussions about individual performance, feedback and handling difficult situations professionally will be explained using theoretical and practical exercises. You will be able to identify the appropriate method to provide effective feedback.


  • Understand and clarify training need at the workplace
  • Understand how to coach an individual in an organisation
  • Explain how to plan coaching for an individual
  • Explain the importance of feedback in coaching
  • Understand managers’ role in providing effective feedback
  • Be aware of the challenges and handing difficult situations professionally


  • Develop skills on how to give feedback
  • Be able to identify opportunities to develop the skills of subordinate
  • Be able to enhance performance 
  • Achieve organisational objectives by developing individuals capabilities
  • Develop a clear understanding of coaching and feedback benefits
  • Share experience and knowledge

Programme Content

  • Learning and development (VAK Model)
  • Learning process (Kolb’s 4 stage learning process)
  • Bloom’s learning domains
  • Reflective Practice
  • Effective development
  • Blocks to learning
  • Identifying training needs
  • Different training techniques
  • Evaluating training (Kirkpatrick’s training evaluation model)
  • Feedback (give praise & criticism, receive praise & criticism)
  • Feedback Models (CORBS, EEC, BEEF, BIFF)
  • Introduction into coaching (benefits of coaching)
  • Effective elements of coaching
  • Identify coaching needs
  • Coaching structure (GROW Model)
  • Coaching steps
  • Evaluating coaching

Who should attend?

  • Managers who wish to to improve the performance of their subordinates
  • Senior managers developing a coaching culture
  • Leaders, project managers working with teams
  • Anyone who wishes to develop their coaching skills