Lean Practitioner

Lean thinking has become a widely adopted improvement approach that can greatly simplify processes, improve performance and add great value in both manufacturing and service organizations.

Our 5 day interactive, comprehensive, and practical workshop aims to ensure you possess the ability to utilize the purpose and concepts of Lean Manufacturing and improve the value stream in your organization to create immediate and quantifiable improvements.

Gain a practical understanding of how lean continuous improvement techniques can be implemented into your organization. This course helps you to practically apply techniques that cut waste and improve process efficiency.

You’ll learn a range of tools, techniques and behaviours essential for improvement programmes to be successful. You will also develop an understanding on how employees at every level of a company can apply these strategies to improve workplace performance and create a true kaizen culture. You’ll discuss how lean roles can be integrated into your organisational structure to reduce errors, costs, wastes, inventory, and lead time.


  • Understand the difference between traditional ‘push’ and the lean ‘pull’ systems.
  • Identify wastes and how they negatively impact profits, competitive edge and customer
  • Recognise how lean directly addresses the elimination/reduction of operating costs, cycle time
    and non value-added activities.
  • Make better use of employees’ time and brainpower in a team environment.
  • Apply the right combination of Lean tools to solve a variety of business issues.
  • Create visual management displays to improve communication and motivate staff.
  • Design more efficient methods of processing work to improve speed of delivery and reduce
  • Execute decision making using Lean thinking.
  • Develop a plan for starting a Lean journey in your organisation.


  • Develop and lead a kaizen transformation.
  • Integrate continuous improvement with your current activities and projects.
  • Improve employee morale and involvement.
  • Reach higher efficiencies, more output per man hour.
  • Empower leadership of kaizen events and workshops.
  • Analyse and refine processes to improve efficiency and remove waste using Lean.
  • Create true and sustainable continuous improvement cultures – reaping longterm results

Programme Content

  • Culture change
  • Importance of customers
  • How well work gets done
    • Process flow
    • 5S
    • Standard operating procedures
    • Data gathering & analysis
  • Problems and delays in the process flow
    • Value-Added and Non-Value-Added activities
    • 7 Wastes
  • Importance of team working
    • Visual Management
    • Communication
    • Team structure
    • Team briefing
  • Improvement activity using a systematic method
    • Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA)
    • 5 Why’s

Who should attend?

  • Change Agents and Engineers implementing improvement programmes
  • Middle managers leading improvement change
  • Project managers working with teams
  • Anyone who wishes to become a lean specialist