How Enlightened Organisations are Turning to Daily Learning Structures to Enable Better Results


Too often, traditional management is still aligned with outdated, top-down command and control management thinking. Our research and experience show that today’s employees demand meaningful work, support, and autonomy to achieve their results, especially in uncertain and challenging environments.

They want leaders and managers who care for them as people, unambiguous communication, and opportunities to learn, grow and succeed in their roles. They want someone who challenges them and supports them, who facilitates learning, helps them adapt to changing conditions, not a traditional command and control boss who has all the answers.


About Mike Denison

Mike is a leadership performance coach and executive coach, he was one of the first managers in the UK Toyota Operations in the early 90’s. He now works with leaders and organisations who want to adopt a people centred focus to take their operational performance to another level.  Mike has developed a comprehensive framework for mentoring and coaching leaders in driving and enabling a sustainable CI culture. In the last 25 years Mike has supported many blue chip companies such as Rolls Royce, Daimler Trucks, Westinghouse, De La Rue, Ford & Jaguar Landrover through his “Value Added Leadership” Approach.