Improvement Starts With I: How Focussing on the Cause Rather than the Outcome Transforms How You Can Build a Lean Culture

This webinar will examine how shifting our mindset around lean from being primarily about results and improvements to cultivating the causes for those improvements and results can radically transform your organisation. We will outline a simple process that can be followed to achieve this.

About Tom Hughes 

Tom Hughes is an entrepreneur and author based in Ireland.

He recently wrote a book called “Improvement Starts With I – a practical guide to building an extraordinary lean culture. He wrote the book because most Lean initiatives fail, whilst everyone wants the lean results, most people are clueless about HOW to actually go about achieving them.

Tom has experience of driving culture change in numerous organisations which has helped him create a step by step guide that has already reached thousands of people all over the world and is being translated into multiple languages by volunteers already.

Tom is also the founder of a software business called GembaDocs, which helps businesses improve by making standard work methods fast and easy. They have clients ranging from large multi-nationals to small SME’s in over 15 countries getting massive results. It really is a game changer, changing standards from being like boring handcuffs to being useful tools that make life easier for everyone and consequently driving better results. Find out more at

Finally, he is a partner in an electronic engineering and manufacturing company called Lumen Electronics, so he is not some hands off / consultant type. He is connected to the real world with real challenges and during his career he has worked all over the world, from start-ups some successful, some not so much, to building a $200m business and successfully exiting, so there is a wealth of experience that has taken him this far.