Learning the Improvement Kata: what can you expect as a new learner

You know agile or lean and you have heard about the Toyota Kata duo described by Mike Rother in his books, Toyota Kata and the Toyota Kata Practice Guide. What can you expect as you learn the Improvement Kata pattern?  Kata Coach Tracy Defoe will share her perspective, and some stories.

Never heard of Toyota Kata?  Join us to learn about this management practice that will help you bring life to agile practices and make improvement a true daily practice.


About Tracy Defoe

Tracy Defoe is an adult education consultant specializing in workplace learning. She is a proud Kata Geek and a humble lean practitioner. For the last 10 years, Tracy has been learning, coaching, and sharing her experiences with the Improvement and Coaching Kata. Tracy is keen on building community and connecting people through Kata Schools, Kata Girl Geeks, and the Kata Coaching Dojo. She is a frequent speaker at conferences including KataCon & KataCon EU.