Planning To Win Everyday With Standard Work For Leader

Standard work is a foundational principle of Lean methodology that supports repeatable and quality processes, continuous improvement, training, and more.  Why not apply the concept to individuals?

Join us as we explore Standard Work For Leader, the value it brings employees no matter their role in an organization, and review examples of applications in various industries from senior care to transportation operations to back-office functions.

About Jenn Tankanow

Co-Founder and Vice President of Joint Pivot—Jenn Tankanow has built on her years at Toyota to bring her Lean sensibility to the business world. She’s a teacher, a leader, and a facilitator helping clients apply the Toyota Production System, Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Continuous Improvement.  These skills have helped both product and service-based companies create their vision, define objectives, and implement transformative processes, ownership, and accountability throughout their organization.  Jenn enjoys partnering with companies to solve problems, develop strategic plans so they can hit their goals. She’s a veteran of personalized, repeatable solutions that stick, so she can move on to help the next client.