“Pulling Back the Curtain” – A Precise Diagnostic System For Predicting Human Behavior

Most hiring managers focus on the past when selecting a candidate, asking:

  • Where did you go to school?
  • Where else have you worked?
  • What did you earn?
  • Are you any better than the last three people I mistakenly hired?

However, we are obviously interested in the individual’s future behavior, since the past may not provide a valid prediction of success.  A properly validated psychometric provides an unfair advantage in making the right choice.  While other hiring agencies are looking through the rear-view mirror to make decisions, those using scientific profiles are looking through the windshield, into the future.  Of the ten types of assessments, the Winslow not only meets the strong legal requirements of certain countries, it is the only personality diagnostic tool anywhere in the world which guarantees valid results every time.

About Eric Samuelson

Eric is the President of Management Development Institute (MDI) and Winslow Research & Development Institute (WRDI).

MDI has served clients throughout North America, the Caribbean and Australia, including retail auto groups, financial service firms, banks and private enterprises.

Eric uses the Winslow profile to predict future behaviour to a strong degree of statistical probability. He has a reputation for delivering results, at or beyond expectations, in a compressed time frame. Eric has a B.S. in Chemistry from Georgetown University and an M.S. in Physiology and Biophysics from the Georgetown University School of Medicine.