The Busy Leaders Guide to Leading Pro Active Safety in Teams

Everyone is responsible for safety………..but leaders are accountable for engaging their teams in creating the environment for safe working practices.

“The Busy Leaders Guide to Leading Pro Active Safety in Teams” applies a highly successful behavioural safety coaching methodology leaders can quickly and easily apply to engage and motivate their teams to recognise and predict hazards, and take proactive action preventing an incident before it happens.

It helps develop members sensitivity to unsafe conditions and hazardous situations, developing members ability to not only recognise and predict hazards, but take responsibility for eliminating the potential for an accident or incident.

The methodology is developed from the Japanese KYT or Kiken Yochi Training (Hazard Prediction Training) that is responsible for the high safety performance in many Japanese industries including their rail systems


About Mike Denison

Mike has over 20 years of direct lean experience coaching, mentoring & consulting to some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations. Mike is an executive coach, management trainer and lean leadership facilitator and a keynote speaker, he supports organisations and senior leaders to successfully lead their lean and OpEx programs through change towards establishing a Continuous Improvement culture.

Mike was one of the first leaders in Toyota Motor Corporation’s manufacturing operation in the UK and is regularly asked to deliver talks and write articles on lean management, lean thinking and value added leadership. He has designed, developed and delivered Senior Management Coaching programs in the UK, Europe and North America for major corporations.