Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment

This one day masterclass is designed to develop your skills and understanding of policy deployment. It will illustrate policy deployment methodology to create both targets and performance measurements, as well as establish a disciplined process for achieving those objectives. Principles and structure of policy deployment methodology will be explained using theoretical and practical exercises. You will be able to identify and focus on strategic objectives that will drive breakthrough performance.


  • Give an overview of what is involved in policy deployment
  • Introduce the principles of policy deployment
  • Explain the structure and steps to develop objectives to achieve the strategy
  • Explain how to nurture, recognise and maximise use of company’s competences
  • Develop awareness of the importance of aligning objectives to strategy for maximum effectiveness
  • Understand managers’ role in the process of developing a strategy and the deployment process
  • Develop an awareness of the challenges to implement policy deployment once it has been formulated


  • Be able to create, manage, and execute objectives that are aligned with the strategic intent of the company
  • Be able to develop initiatives to achieve your objectives
  • Learn a structured approach to analyse the gap and achieve required change
  • Develop an understanding of how to create performance measurements and tracking system
  • Develop a clear understanding of the effective use of the policy deployment methodology
  • Share experience and knowledge

Programme Content

  • Introduction to policy deployment
  • Management strategies
  • Deploying targets and flow of information
  • Deming cycle (PDCA) and policy deployment
  • Target and process performance setup
  • Managerial Tool to analyse and improve organisations change process
  • Midterm Strategy setup
  • Annual hoshin setup

Who should attend?

  • Managers who wish to lead, manage and improve their organisation more effectively
  • Senior executives who wish to enhance their improvement strategy
  • Senior managers leading lean across the organisation