All our services can be delivered in English or Arabic.


We provide a full range of accredited training courses that can be tailored to achieve your specific objectives. These cover a range of topics, everything from the basic fundamentals of lean, to advanced topics, such as ‘Coaching for Success’, ‘Policy Deployment’ and ‘Cultural Transformation’.

Our workshops, masterclasses and bespoke training provide participants with the required skills and tools that they can apply as soon as they leave the classroom.

We offer various training programs tailored for employees at all levels: leaders, managers and individual team members. Many of our clients find this particularly useful when rolling out organisational objectives, annual targets or cultural change programmes.

Workshops & Masterclasses

Project Facilitation

We work with project teams to help them solve issues and achieve targets as they develop new skills. To do this effectively, we mix traditional classroom training with coaching hands-on, practical experience. This approach enables leaders and team members to take their new-found skills and confidence into each new project.

Cultural Transformation

We help businesses to transform their organisational culture in the long-term. We do it by working with leaders to design and implement a sustainable infrastructure for continuous improvement, following a detailed road map. This involves engaging with staff, shifting attitudes, forming effective teams, and creating change from both the top-down and the bottom-up.