Effective Training and Development “Tell, Show, Do”

To help your team achieve the expectations that the organisation and you have of them, it is important that they have the required knowledge and skills to perform. Training and development are important, but there’s a tremendous effectiveness gap in most skills training. Training employees to do their jobs is... read more →

How to Build Your Organisation Resilience

Change has become a very natural word more than ever before. In today’s current situation it’s not about accepting change anymore it’s how to navigate through it and failing fast and learning from it. You can classify change into 2 types, planned change and unplanned change. The main difference between... read more →
build a strong culture with the culture design canvas

Build a Strong Culture With the Culture Design Canvas

Workplace culture is a powerful source of impact and productivity.  According to Mckinsey, a strong workplace culture can increase business performance by 30-200%.  Below, I outline how businesses and business leaders can design a performance promoting culture. The workplace culture is not static.  It changes in response to external and... read more →
role of purpose and values to drive action

Role of Purpose and Values to Drive Action

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” - Benjamin Disraeli Purpose: Why are we here? Values: What’s most important to us? People today are more in tune with what companies they work at stand for. Leaders need to make every effort to take people on a meaningful journey. Purpose is... read more →
coach skills leaders should have

Coaching Skills Leaders Should Have

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather then teaching them” Timothy Gallwey Coaching is becoming an essential skill leaders need to be able to unleash people performance potential. This approach helps individuals to explore and find their own answers... read more →
the science of influencing others

The Science of Influencing Others

How do I inspire others? How do I get people to buy-in into my idea?  These are questions that almost everyone asks themselves when planning to announce a new idea or initiative, or embark on a new project or transformation. Have you ever wondered why some people gather... read more →