Kaizen Training Programme

Organisation’s strive to achieve sustainable performance and growth through operational excellence. Kaizen creates the competitive advantage by empowering managers and employees at every level to make proactive changes where necessary.

This 2 day masterclass is designed to develop your skills as a Kaizen Practitioner. The masterclass will provide a detailed explanation of kaizen improvement tools, principles, and concepts. Participants will develop the needed understanding and mindset to achieve a successful kaizen implementation. Individuals will also learn how to resolve problems following a structured PDCA approach.

The goal is beyond improving productivity, it is embracing Kaizen as a means of permanently promoting excellence and improving quality in all operations and processes.


  • Introduce and describe the concept of Kaizen:
    • What it is
    • Tools and methodologies
  • Introduce the philosophy of continuous improvement
  • Develop an understanding about the difference between value and waste
  • Introduction into the 7 Wastes
  • Introduction into 5S, Visual Management, Standard Work
  • Introduction into PDCA Cycle and Problem Solving


  • Embrace ideas and develop a participative, team-based approach
  • Establish your overall kaizen approach and controls
  • Improve utilisation, product/service quality, use of capital and production capacity
  • Improve communication
  • Provide immediate results by continually making small improvements that improve processes and reduce waste

Programme Content

  • Making profit model
  • History of lean & kaizen
  • Who is the customer?
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Kaizen philosophy
  • Culture Change
  • Value Added vs. Waste
  • 7 wastes
  • Visual Management
  • 5S
  • Standard work
  • Cycle Time, TAKT Time
  • Improvement cycle – PDCA
  • Structured problem solving
  • 5Why’s
  • Cause & Effect (Fishbone)
  • A3 problem solving sheet

Who should attend?

  • Managers who wish to enhance their kaizen knowledge
  • Middle managers leading improvement change
  • Change agents,Team Leaders, Team Members
  • Project Managers leading lean projects and change projects
  • Anyone who wishes to be part of changing their culture from one of fire fighting to one of stability