Drawing Out Your Purpose – Creatively Crystalize Your Why

When networking with fellow professionals, the focus almost always is: “What do you do?”

Why is that? Why isn’t the focus: “Why do you do what you do?”

A 2014 Harvard Business Review article reported less than 20% of leaders have a strong sense of their own purpose. Even fewer can distill their purpose into a concise statement. All while research shows the myriad personal & professional benefits of doing so.

As a leader or lean professional, your organization’s values & purpose are directly reflected in your metrics. No matter where you live or work, when you have a clear picture of your why, you will be more motivated, engaged & productive. So it’s critical that you take the time to uncover your personal purpose & reflect on how that aligns with where you are professionally.  

During this engaging & uniquely interactive webinar-workshop you will draw out your purpose (literally) & start the journey to live out your purpose.

So pull out the crayons & get ready to creatively crystalize your purpose.


About Sam Morgan

Sam is a self-proclaimed “confident learner” and earlier this year after 5 years of practice in the continuous improvement space he landed at KataCon, a conference for continuous improvement professionals who practice the Toyota Kata.  There he had a powerful moment realizing where his true passion lies: transforming people through coaching.

Ever since then he has been on a mission to help folks illuminate who they really, what they were created to do and give them confidence to live it out…through the powerful practice of daily coaching.

Sam is looking to change the lives of people through the process of uncovering their PURPOSE, helping them understand the PATTERN of the Improvement Kata, tied together through the PRACTICE of daily coaching cycles.

Sam takes joy in seeing his clients move from fearful to fearless; from insecure to confident.

He resonates deeply with the quote from Henry David Thoreau “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.”