Driving Change & Engagement through your Business Management Systems

Leaders can influence change and increase their staff engagement when they understand that they either have systems in place or can create systems that can reinforce a new way of thinking and acting in the business.

Principles set the direction, and Lean Tools and Techniques are applied by the teams to solve business problems, but it is the Business Management Systems that bring the leaders and managers into the workplace to observe, challenge, support and coach their teams in a way that makes it meaningful and educational for the teams.



Mike Denison , Executive Coach

Mike is an executive coach, management trainer and lean leadership facilitator and a keynote speaker, he supports organisations and senior leaders to successfully lead their lean and OpEx programs through change towards establishing a CI culture.

Mike was one of the first leaders in Toyota Motor Corporation’s manufacturing operation in the UK and is regularly asked to deliver talks and write articles on lean management, lean thinking and value added leadership.