Lean Leadership – The Driver of Lean Transformation

Too often top leaders undertake Lean transformation without fully understanding what is required of them. As a result, efforts to transformation the organization suffer from basic mistakes, extensive re-work, and possibly failure. This webinar will describe some essential things that leaders must understand and do in order to be effective Lean leaders.


About Bob Emiliani

Dr. Bob Emiliani has been a Lean practitioner and professor of Lean management for 25 years. Prior joining academia, he worked in industry for 15 years and had management responsibility in engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Bob was part of a team responsible for implementing Lean principles and practices in both manufacturing and supply chains at Pratt & Whitney. He was the first academic to establish a research agenda focused on Lean leadership, resulting in numerous publications and varied leadership development workshops. Bob is a prolific, versatile, and award-winning writer whose publications span engineering, business, social sciences, and humanities. He has authored 22 books and dozens of research papers across six different disciplines. His work on Lean leadership and Lean as applied to higher education are widely recognized. Bob created an innovative, process-based understanding of leadership called “Speed Leadership.” His most recent work uncovers the network of factors that impede the advancement of Lean management. Please visit www.bobemiliani.com