Overcoming Challenges to New System Adoption

The objective will be reviewing 12 organizational sociocharacteristics, highlighting considerations during redesign that to inform the Technical system interface challenges (Management Systems, Work Systems and Improvement Systems), reinforcing required set of behaviors that would enable long term sustainable adoption throughout the Lean transformation.


About Mohamed Saleh

Dr. Mohamed Saleh is a thought leader in shifting cultural mindsets by redesigning business systems. Dr. Saleh has a successful track record anchored in two decades of hands-on transformations with a strong interest in making a global difference by providing distinctive leading-edge Lean-inspired education and advisory services aimed at helping organizations in an array of industries achieve the highest levels of performance excellence. Mohamed’s roles in these companies were centred around Lean transformations with much of his career serving in senior level roles. At Franklin Products, a supplier of Boeing, Mohamed was introduced to the Toyota Production System and was mentored by some of the very first Shingijustu disciples in the early 2000’s. Further enhanced by his 12-year tenure as Senior Sensei and Executive of the Lean Office of Hartford HealthCare and 18 years consulting experience coaching executives, clinicians, teams, and organizations, Dr. Saleh’s distinguishing factors include people skills, setting Lean visions, advising on system designs, and leading full enterprise-wide organizational change.

Mohamed, originally from Egypt, resides in Connecticut. He has a PhD doctorate is in Business Administration from Northcentral University, with a specific interest in organizational sociocharacteristics, technical characteristics of Lean Implementations, and leadership mindsets in healthcare organizations. A Masters in Engineering and Technology Management and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Central Connecticut State University and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt from Kaplan University. He has over a decade teaching as a part-time Professor at the Graduate School of Engineering & Technology Management at Central Connecticut State University and the MBA School at Elms College. He is an international keynote speaker, writer, mentor, executive coach, and experienced trainer with the ability to relate to all levels within an organization, unleashing their full human potential as leaders while successfully aligning their objectives.