Personal Mastery: Influencing Organizational Performance
The leadership role is recognized as being critical in all organizations at all levels. Unfortunately,  many of us have had or know of leaders who use control as their primary leadership strategy, sometimes they may even accomplish short-term success while leaving a devasting long term impact on the organization.
This session will explore how an effective leader focused firstly on personal mastery integrating lean systems thinking, can create the enabling conditions that will drive the organization to achieve high-performing sustainable results.


About Debbie Barnard

Debbie is an accomplished driven global healthcare executive, Transformation and Mindset Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator. Debbie has 20+ years leading system-wide patient safety, risk management and continuous improvement teams. Debbie lived and worked in 5 countries, supporting organizations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Debbie is a designated Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), Canadian EXTRA Fellow and holds a Certificate in Advance Nursing Education, a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Behavioral Sciences, and a Master of Science in Human Resource Management and Development.