Possibilities to Realities – With a Little Help From my Friends

For the person trying to make improvements alone, it can be a hard road. If you want to achieve something big, it’s helpful to hook up with others to turn potential into actuality.

Explore how to effectively:
• Convert Possibilities to Reality.
• Avoid going it alone.
• Take small steps to achieve Big Impact


About Deborah Salimi

As an engineering and project management professional, Deborah shares practical application of Lean Six Sigma. She held high visibility roles at fortune 500 industry leaders such as Intel Corporation, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, and Hughes Aircraft/Boeing, as well as not for profit healthcare and higher education. She has worked and spoken at conferences and events in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

She is co-founder of Lean Gulf Institute, which serves the Gulf and beyond. Her clients have included medium and large entities in oil and gas, construction, heavy manufacturing, healthcare, air travel IT, and more. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Boston University, an  MBA and a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems and has taught at the undergraduate and executive MBA programs at American University of Sharjah and University of Sharjah.

In 2009 Deborah received US national recognition for her “contributions to the world community to promote education and human development.” She has also appeared in The International Who’s Who of Professional and Businesswomen as “A woman who sets the standard to excel, to inspire and to motivate in the field of engineering.” Her book Kaizen Demystified is available on Amazon.