Seven Ways to Awaken the Respect Inside Each of Us

Respect Every Individual has become an increasingly important guide for organizations on the journey to cultural transformation and enterprise excellence. Join Gwendolyn Galsworth, leading visual workplace/visual management expert as she describes three core types of respect. The first two are routine, expected, and commonplace. The third is exceptional, but largely dormant unless cultivated by design; it is also the most powerful. Learn about the Seven Respect-Building Behaviors that Dr. Galsworth developed to help operators and managers alike transform their companies by transforming themselves—beginning in the training room.



About Gwendolyn Galsworth
Gwendolyn Galsworth, Ph.D., is president/founder of Visual Thinking Inc. & Visual Thinking Europe, a global training and consulting firm that serves five continents. Across more than 30 years of hands-on implementations, Dr. Galsworth has created and codified the knowledge and know-how that now define workplace visuality and visual management. As a recognized visual workplace expert, she leads visual conversions around the world, is a Shingo Faculty Fellow and author of seven books, two of which are Shingo Prize winners.