Spark Improvement Behaviors: Using Reinforcing Feedback to Generate Desired Actions

Change is real. Maybe you’re facing change from COVID-19 – new PPE requirements, new processes, or new products. Maybe you’re trying to engage the team in improving flow or reducing waste or systematic problem solving. All change. Or maybe you find yourself struggling with execution on the things we’re already supposed to be doing – like safety talks and visual management.

The thing is, when team members aren’t consistently executing on actions, we typically find ourselves in a compliance-based follow-up stance. And that’s no fun for anyone. It takes too much time for you, and typically irritates team members as they view you as “micro-managing”.

There is a better way. In this session, you’ll learn the DECIDE framework to spark helpful behaviors that move the business forward, while generating greater engagement


About Jamie V. Parker

Jamie V. Parker helps operations management teams integrate Lean into their everyday leadership so that they gain a competitive edge today while building organizational agility for the future. She is the host of the podcast Lean Leadership for Ops Managers and brings her 17+ years of multi-unit operations leadership experience to helping managers spark improvement behaviors, generate engagement and commitment, and develop problem solvers – while still getting their day jobs done.

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