Virtual Kaizen Events: The Power of Applying Lean Principles to Your Problem-Solving Efforts

Lean as a problem-solving and improvement methodology has been constant for the last sixty years without any major changes in how it is done. We know that innovation comes from effectively responding to disruptors, and nothing has disrupted the way in which everyone works more than COVID-19. Remote work is the new reality and has led to innovations in the way that we implement Lean, specifically the creation of virtual Kaizen Events.  Come learn how to facilitate remote improvement in your organization using easy-to-use technology.


About Jared Thatcher

Jared has been practicing Lean for nearly two decades in a variety of industries including manufacturing, automotive, energy, IT, construction, aviation, non-profit, health care, and currently works in government.  He is an Amazon Best-Selling author with his book, “Parenting the Lean Way” and he is the host of the annual Virtual Lean Summit which brings in experts from around the world to share their insights into improving participant’s Lean skills. Jared coaches other Lean professionals, consults on improvement projects, and is writing his second book on how to host virtual Kaizen events.  He earned his MBA from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with his family.