What Leaders Need to Know About Emotional Intelligence

Attendees will come away with new knowledge about:

  • Why EIQ is vital for your success as a leader
  • How to accelerate your EIQ development
  • How to influence others to build their EIQ





About Douglas Lundrigan

As a speaker/instructor/facilitator Doug is known for his ability to connect seemingly unrelated concepts, create “aha!” moments, and balance evidence-based learning with intangible  concepts.

Raised on the prairies of Canada, Doug’s first opportunity to lead others was when he was selected as foreman of a landscaping crew at 16 years of age. Since then he has had many leadership positions and had responsibility for the work of up to 180 people.

Doug loves to help people achieve their highest potential. He measures his success by how happy and successful people become after he coaches or instructs them. The majority of individuals he coaches achieve a job promotion within a year. Doug has developed successful leaders in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

Doug holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Psychology from the University of Alberta and a MBA from University of Phoenix